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4 weeks ago

800-pound Mako shark caught while surfcasting may break record

A pair of Florida fisherman reportedly pulled in an 11-foot, 805-pound Mako shark Tuesday night while fishing from the shore off the Gulf Coast.

The Pensacola News Journal reported that Earnie Polk and his cousin Joey Polk spent an hour reeling in the shark, but did not disclose the exact location the fish was caught to prevent a swell of other fishermen.

"That's probably the best fish we ever caught," Earnie Polk told the paper.

The cousins do a lot of shark fishing and in most cases they release the fish. This massive shark, however, was exhausted from the fight and could not swim back out past the breakers.

The cousins told the paper that they are preparing the legal work to harvest the fish. They expect 600 pounds.

"It's a $10-per-pound fish at the fish market. It sell right along with tuna and swordfish. Between all of us, there won't be a bit wasted."

4 weeks ago

Ontario DUI Lawyers Also Certified Breath Technicians

In June, Riverside County, California, handed an ordinance that will require retail consumers of specific chilly medicines to register their private info with the drugstore. Obama and the bipartisan Senate group are in lockstep on some key ideas of a potential immigration bill, together with the necessity for a pathway to citizenship, strengthening the authorized immigration system, and cracking down on companies that employ illegal immigrants. Obama touted the advantages of immigration at Monday's ceremony, saying it retains the U.S. vibrant and prosperous. Once they bought there, officers detained McCrohan, and she or he is now set to be deported to Australia.

The new system, lengthy advocated by economists and politicians who believe the main function of immigration legal guidelines ought to be to serve economic development, would replace one geared mainly to reuniting families. If enacted, the bill would align the United States with nations like Canada and Australia that use a factors system to attract expert, educated employees. The Republican administration of George W. Bush seized on the idea of utilizing immigration as an financial policy tool. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement company declined to determine that corporations were targeted in its increasing crackdown on hiring of unlawful employees.

Not each actual property lawyer in the Miami space is acquainted with immigration laws and the legal guidelines affecting real property and ownership. But a good qualified immigration lawyer will help with residency issues, for each authorized and unlawful immigrants. Realizing your rights and duties is an important part of the immigration process. Like all legal professionals, immigration lawyers must meet minimal levels of professionalism, and should attend continuing authorized training (CLE) classes.

The Authorities did advise that this new UK Immigration Act 2014 is designed to make a hostile environment for those residing within the UK and not using a proper to do so. On the similar time there may be a lot of controversy on the subject on how tough this can make it for a lot of British residents as effectively. It's even believed that this new UK Immigration Act 2014 might solely discourage migrants and not really encourage them to leave the UK and return residence, especially as many of them feel better off within the UK, some even fearing for his or her lives in their dwelling international locations. A brand new factors-based immigration system is taking impact im t4he UK at the moment and will roll in from 2008 - 2009.

Has represented shoppers earlier than the: Canada Border Companies Company all Immigration Tribunals Federal Court docket Supreme Court of Canada. He joined a mid-dimension legislation firm within the GTA with eleven years experience as litigation counsel for the Department of Justice Canada, Immigration Law Section in Toronto where his shopper was the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Immigration is an issue which must be addressed significantly, not merely with one-liners at election time.

1 month ago

Immigration Lawyers Melbourne

What clients are saying about Erskine Rodan & Associates

Christine Rodan has provided us with excellent guidance with our Partner Visa application. Her advice was extremely helpful and clarifying, which was especially useful with our complex case. She is both very professional and understanding. We recently were granted the Partner visa, and we would like to thank Christine again for her valuable advice. For anyone with questions or issues with their immigration applications, we would highly recommend consulting with Erskine Rodan & Associates."

Mischka K.

Praise to Christine Rodan for her help and support through the hardest time of my student life. She gave me the most appropriate advice and solved my problem with precise efficiency."

Afra Y.

Erskine Rodan & Associates are professional and have a never say die attitude. I was treated as if I were human and not a number. They were very supportive in every way. I was absoluetly satisfied in every way, particularly with Erskine Rodan."

Max T.

I would not be here if I did not meet Christine Rodan at Erskine Rodan Associates. Even though I had difficulties with immigration, I wasted 6 years and wasted over $70,000 with other lawyers before I met Christine. Christine helped me to do a different direction to reach my goal. I obtained business visa within 2 months which enable me to start the business and no wasting any time I finally obtained Permanent Residency. I am so grateful to Christine Rodan."

Hiromi M.

1 month ago

Top Immigration Partners from Two Texas Law Firms Join Fragomen

DALLAS & HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fragomen Worldwide, the world's leading corporate immigration firm, is

expanding its presence in Texas and significantly enhancing its global

energy industry practice with the addition of four highly regarded

immigration attorneys. These new partners will be located in Fragomen's

office in Dallas and the firm's new office in Houston.

Former Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP (BAL) Partners Steve

Ladik, Kristi

Taylor and Paige

Taylor and their teams have joined Fragomen in both Dallas and

Houston, while Kelly D. Cobb, previously a partner with

FosterQuan LLP, will be based in Fra

1 month ago

Necessities, Training And Coaching

Getting immigration permission from the high commission of USA or another nation generally is a boon for these folks, who are planning to settle abroad. Australia's stance contrasts with strikes by key ally the United States to supply a pathway to citizenship for many of its eleven million illegal immigrants, though many European countries are also hardening immigration guidelines amid monetary woes. Dr Haneef's attorneys, Maurice Blackburn, said they lodged the swimsuit on behalf of the Indian-born physician in the Supreme Court in Brisbane at this time. It appears that evidently momentum is lastly gathering for the introduction of comprehensive immigration reform.

An international examine involving fifty four nations has found that Australia has larger enterprise begin-up charges than any other developed nation except the USA. SYDNEY (Reuters) - Human rights groups Immigration Lawyer Melbourne and some politicians on Thursday urged Prime Minister Tony Abbott to not use a deadly siege in Sydney as a pretext to crack down on refugees after he repeatedly questioned why the attacker had obtained political asylum and welfare advantages in Australia.

The Australian Government created the Neighborhood Standing Decision Service (CSRS) to provide people working in Australia or residing the chance to re interact and work out their immigration status. In these circumstances, we might grant you a bridging visa to let you stay in the neighborhood quickly till your immigration matter is finalised. Neighborhood Status Resolution Service (CSRS) officers will clearly clarify immigration or departure choices.

The Authorities did advise that this new UK Immigration Act 2014 is designed to make a hostile environment for those living within the UK with out a proper to do so. At the same time there may be a number of controversy on the subject on how troublesome this will make it for a lot of British citizens as effectively. It is even believed that this new UK Immigration Act 2014 may only discourage migrants and never truly encourage them to leave the UK and return dwelling, especially as a lot of them really feel higher off in the UK, some even fearing for his or her lives in their house countries. A brand new points-based immigration system is taking impact im t4he UK right now and will roll in from 2008 - 2009.

By a mixture of private attention and element-oriented service, our attorneys discover artistic solutions to immigration points to help our clients in navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration legislation. This offers you sufficient perspective into the different choices you can go for while filling for the immigration. The efficacious and impeccable providers of the Immigration lawyers London may also help you in making a clear approach in direction of the profitable immigration process.

1 month ago

Australia faces court challenge to Malaysia deal

CANBERRA, Australia -

1 month ago

Legal :: Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Florida - Protection for Motorcycle Accident Victims

There are very few vehicle accidents more devastating than motorcycle accidents. The incidence of serious injury and death is far higher for motorcycles than it is for any other type of accident. Knowing what is due to you after an accident can be difficult to determine because of the many factors that go into the situation. Riders that don't take precautions such as wearing helmets and other protective gear may make it difficult to get a fair settlement. There are many other factors that go into the determining of the settlement such as the type of bike, its construction and engineering, for instance. Getting motorcycle accident attorneys Florida is a good move to ensure you get a good settlement.

Understanding your liabilities and rights is key to getting through a motorcycle accident. If you have been sued or are going to sue for damages, it is a good idea to get motorcycle accident attorneys Florida. Knowledge of Florida's laws is one of the most important things to look for as you select an attorney. Limiting your involvement to selecting a great attorney is much easier than trying to negotiate the legal system or the insurance companies.

Keep in mind that motorcycle accident attorneys Florida have specialized training in motorcycle accidents and law. Selecting a lawyer that has specific experience and training in Florida's motorcycle law is necessary. Your regular lawyer will probably not be sufficient in this circumstance. Florida has many lawyers that are prepared to represent you in whatever your need. There are lawyers that handle only cases of motorcycle drivers, and there are lawyers that handle only victims of bad motorcycle drivers. It is good to select a Florida lawyer that is prepared in your specific area of need.

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and fun. It has its risks, however. Many motorcycle accidents are due to the drivers of other vehicles but the bulk of the injury happens to the motorcycle driver. Proper representation from motorcycle accident attorneys Florida is necessary to take care of the very serious injuries that are often a part of motorcycle accidents. Bike riders cannot hope to negotiate a proper settlement on their own, or even with their general attorney. An attorney with specific training is a better choice for this type of situation. Even though insurance companies and other's lawyers may contact you, allow your attorney to handle it for you so that you get the best settlement.

1 month ago

Complexities Of The Authorized System

Getting immigration permission from the high commission of USA or every other country could be a boon for those individuals, who are planning to settle abroad. Australia's stance contrasts with strikes by key ally the United States to supply a pathway to citizenship for a lot of of its 11 million illegal immigrants, though many European international locations are additionally hardening immigration rules amid financial woes. Dr Haneef's legal professionals, Maurice Blackburn, said they lodged the go well with on behalf of the Indian-born physician in the Supreme Courtroom in Brisbane at present. It appears that evidently momentum is lastly gathering for the introduction of complete immigration reform.

An appeal, a movement to reopen or getting an immigration bond can move your case in the precise path with skilled legal illustration, however time is of the essence. The Law Workplace of Mana Yegani serves immigrants, nonimmigrants and U.S. residents in need of immigration and legal law authorized counsel all through Houston and southeast Texas. President Obama bypassed Congress , who had didn't find a consensus on a comprehensive immigration reform package based on Obama's specification. So, in case you are looking for a profitable, yet thrilling career, then changing into an immigration lawyer is an ideal possibility for you.

Immigrants seeking to settle in Australia should be able to adhere to the legal guidelines and guidelines that govern the state and this is what people need to learn even before they set foot there. Civil legal professionals typically deal with points comparable to adoption and divorce, domestic issues, and prison attorneys deal with personal injury, crime, and corporate legislation. Though right here you will see that a list of the main kinds of legal professionals that are available, remember that there are a lot of different smaller specialties inside every specialisation.

I'm happy that the Conservative authorities has taken some vital steps in reforming this country's immigration system. Lets hope that we are able to Immigration Lawyer Melbourne raise the bar for Candadian immigration in the world's eyes, and declare again the prestige that Canadian residency deserves. Everyone knows Australia sturdy depend on china economic system, in the event you associate with somebody, do you not respect them and respect their tradition?'! I grew up in Canada (I am Caucasian from another developed Western nation), and I lived 3 years in China and spent a lot time in other jap cultures as well.

Whereas the authorities continue to ponder on illegal immigration issues and options in a bid to come up with immigration insurance policies which can help us dispose of the problems related to it, even we on the grass root degree can do our bit to curb this menace. It's estimated that the US inhabitants will rise by fifty six percent by 2060 if unlawful immigration continues on the ongoing fee. Since becoming a member of our firm, Elizabeth has persistent immigration Legislation issues and has additionally acted in a wide range of litigation matters for personal shoppers.  Getting ready submissions for Ministerial intervention in immigration matters, together with character” submissions. Court docket work is done by Barristers solely, albeit some lawyers undertake easy Court docket work.

1 month ago

Deportation For Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

By Minnesota Immigration Lawyer Vincent Martin

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) at section 237 allows the Department of Homeland Security DHS, through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport someone who has committed a crime involving moral turpitude, commonly referred to a CIMT, if the conviction occurred within five (5) years after admission and the conviction was for a crime for which a sentence of one year or longer may be imposed. Note that deportation or removal is not the same as being denied entry into the United States. This article focuses solely on deportation. If you have concerns about how your conviction will effect your entry or return to America, you should contact an immigration attorney.

Notice that the language of the statute says, "may be imposed." This means that even if you are sentenced to six months in jail, if the law says that you could have been sentenced to a year or more, this could bring you within the INA regarding a CIMT.

The issues that surround a CIMT for deportation are not settled. For example, some have disputed the language of the statute regarding, "five years after the date of admission." Does this mean five years from when you came to the U.S. or five years after you became a permanent resident? This distinction can be very important because, if you arrived in the U.S. several years ago but only recently became a permanent resident, the five years would not apply to you if the law looks at your initial entry or admission date, but if the law uses the date you became a permanent resident, this would be a problem.

Another area of concern is in regards to criminal laws criminalize more than one type of conduct, action, etc. That is to say, you might be convicted under a law that includes conduct that involves moral turpitude and conduct that does not. These types of laws are referred to as "divisible" laws in the immigration context. In such cases, the immigration court must look at whether it can determine by the record of the conviction whether the crime for which you were convicted, in fact, was a CIMT or not. There is a very detailed analysis that your immigration lawyer must undertake in representing you on this type of case. This analysis includes determining whether the "categorical" or "modified categorical" approach must be taken in your case. The categorical and modified categorical approaches are beyond the scope of this article, but are very important and can make the difference between winning your case and deportation.

Lastly, there are some crimes that are clearly recognized as involving moral turpitude and others that are not so clear. An analysis of whether your particular conviction is an CIMT is another area that your immigration attorney must determined. Note also that this article focuses solely on deportation. If you have concerns about how your conviction will effect your entry or return to America, you should contact an immigration attorney.

Similar to criminal cases, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement does not always charge you under the proper section of the INA and in some instances, they charge people with completely inappropriate grounds of removal. In addition, merely because ICE charges you with being deportable, doesn't mean that you don't have a defense to deportation. An experience immigration lawyer can help defend against these charges.

By: Immigration Lawyer Minneapolis

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