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1 month ago

Top Immigration Partners from Two Texas Law Firms Join Fragomen

DALLAS & HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fragomen Worldwide, the world's leading corporate immigration firm, is

expanding its presence in Texas and significantly enhancing its global

energy industry practice with the addition of four highly regarded

immigration attorneys. These new partners will be located in Fragomen's

office in Dallas and the firm's new office in Houston.

Former Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP (BAL) Partners Steve

Ladik, Kristi

Taylor and Paige

Taylor and their teams have joined Fragomen in both Dallas and

Houston, while Kelly D. Cobb, previously a partner with

FosterQuan LLP, will be based in Fragomen's

1 month ago

Immigration minister says Australia won't take Costa Rican refugees if US refuses Island refugees

The announcement by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last September was a surprise -- Australia would help the US by taking refugees from Costa Rica.

Today there is the not-so-surprising news that the intake of Central Americans will depend on the US abiding by its deal to accepting refugees from Manus Island and Nauru.

australian immigration lawyer

The Australian government had consistently denied a link between the two projects and rejected talk of a "people swap."

The difference appears to be Donald Trump and the possibility his "extreme vetting" of refugees will see none taken from Australian detention centres.

The new rules were outlined by Immigration minister Peter Dutton who told Sky News the government "wouldn't take anyone until we had assurances that people are going to go off Nauru and Manus."

"We want an outcome in relation to Nauru and Manus," said Mr Dutton.


1 month ago

An Australian Spouse Visa for your Spouse

More and more Australian people nowadays are getting married with foreign nationals. After marriage, their aim is to bring their spouse to Australia. Actually, the Australian spouse visa is the one of the most popular visa in Australia today and one of the hardest to apply and obtain.

Applicants sometimes get a misconception for this type of visa. They are thinking that it is very easy to avail an Australian spouse visa if their spouses are citizens or permanent residents in Australia. Actually, all applicants are being assessed equally as there are no special treatment or special considerations are given to those with residents of Australia or those with Australian spouses. Applicants must ensure that everything is in order before submitting the application along with the relevant document and requirement.

Not consulting the right people who knows about the transaction is one more mistake committed by many of the applicants for spouse visa Australia. Though a family, friends and relatives can give insights but their case might not be the same as your case. The reliable person for this matter is immigration consultant who knows the latest update about having an Australian spouse visa and getting a permanent residence in Australia. Actually, applicants avoid to hire professionals because they don't want to spend extra costs involve in the processing.

There are actually so many misconceptions about the spouse visa. Others said that spouse visas are impossible to obtain unless you have a joint bank account or lease. This is not true as there are many people who succeeded in their application without a joint bank account. Some said spouse visa applications are easy as others are doing it quickly. However you can not tell that everything runs the same, maybe it's for your friend but might not easy for you. It all depends on the situation.

One more thing you should know is that Australian spouse visa is only granted when you can prove your relationship is genuine. It is not true also that spouse visa is quicker to get if you apply on your own. If you do it on your own, it will take you 4 to 6 months or more; sometimes even a year until it will be approved. An Australian spouse visa needs substantial, credible and proper document to be approved as no spouse case will be approved without it. As stated on the Australian law, you must either be legally married or live in genuine de-facto relationship for twelve months before applying for a spouse visa.

Actually, these are just some of the misconception and answers about spouse visa Australia that you must know. Knowing all these will guide you as you start your application.

1 month ago

Trump Administration To Expand Groups Of Immigrants To Be Deported: Report

The Trump administration plans to direct immigration agents to greatly expand the categories of immigrants they target for deportation, according to drafts of two memos seen by Reuters and first reported by McClatchy news organization on Saturday.

Two sources familiar with the plans told Reuters the documents have been approved by Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, but are under final review by the White House. They are expected to be released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) early next week.

Under the orders, hundreds of thousands of people would face expedited removal proceedings, including those that had not been prioritized for deportation under former President Barack Obama.

The memos are guidance to instruct agents in the field to implement two executive orders signed by Trump on Jan. 25 intended to deter future migration and drive out more illegal migrants from the United States.

One memo instructs ICE agents to ignore Obama's memos on immigration priorities that targeted only recent arrivals and convicted criminal migrants for deportation. Instead, migrants who have been charged with crimes but not convicted would be prioritized for deportation. The guidance also allows ICE agents wide discretion in deciding who to deport and considers anyone in the United States illegally to be subject to deportation.

The guidance does leave in place Obama's 2012 executive action that protected 750,000 people brought to the United States illegally by their parents. The fate of the policy, known as DACA, has been hotly debated within the White House, according to sources familiar with the discussions. Trump said in a news conference Friday that DACA was a "very difficult subject" for him.

The ICE memo also states that immigrants will not be afforded rights under U.S. privacy laws.

The second memo instructs CBP officers to crack down on illegal migration at the border by holding migrants in detention until a determination in their case is made.

The Department of Homeland Security did not deny any information contained in the draft memos but did not provide further detail.

A source familiar with the guidance said the memos were scheduled to be distributed on Friday but the White House made a last-minute request to review them. It is not known whether the White House may alter the guidance.

Kelly said in one of the memos that illegal immigration across the U.S. border with Mexico had "created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States."

(Reporting by Julia Edwards Ainsley and Diane Bartz; Editing by Dave Gregorio)

1 month ago

Australian Skill Shortages Continue To Grow

As the Australian government prepares the biggest overhaul of the skilled visa regulations in the past 20 years many businesses living with the reality of skill shortages are starting to ask how their needs will be addressed.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced back in February that a review of the skilled migration program was underway and a new more targetted system would come into action in the middle of 2010. The first of these changes was announced on 17th May with the release of a revised Skilled Occupation list (SOL).

The revised SOL sees the biggest change to th

1 month ago

Moving to Australia | hubpages

Moving to Australia you will need to develop a credit history from scratch. Opening a bank account from outside the country is straightforward - and by far the cheapest way to transfer large amounts of cash. You will not immediately qualify for a credit card until you have a job. Make sure that existing cards keep working in your home country - make sure you maintain a postal address which will stop the card's statement being returned for example. Until you have a residential address, not a post Box, you will not be able to prove your identity for items such as police checks (essential for most jobs), car licenses etc. Having a relative or trusted friend in the same state came be very useful to start this paper trail going. Once you have the local driving licence it all becomes a lot easier.

Consumer goods and clothing are relatively cheap in Australia and shipping costs are relatively high. You may want to consider shipping little and buying most when you arrive.

Costs of a Move to Australia

Visas and Passports including required documentation, vaccinations, health checks etc.

Shipping Costs.

Storage costs for items left at home

Costs associated with selling or renting your home.

Airfares and any stop over on the way to Australia

Initial Costs in Australia

Arriving without accommodation or transport makes it difficult to acquire both. Budget for 2-3 weeks of accommodation in a self-contained apartment or hostel and a rental car. Assuming that you intend to rent for the first few months, even if you later buy, then 2-3 weeks should be long enough to find a place.

Avoid arriving in January, February as this is when rental demand peaks. Also avoid arriving too near Christmas as the entire real estate industry takes 2 weeks off.

Rent a car to ensure that you are mobile enough to buy one. Budget for a mechanical inspection unless you are mechanically competent and expect it to take a few days to transfer the papers. The paperwork will be easier if in the meanwhile you have acquired local drivers licenses.

Setup Costs in Australia

Access to three months living expenses while you are looking for employment.

Rental Bond and Rent in Advance: could be up to 4 weeks in total varies by state.

Vehicles: purchase, inspection, transfer fees, licence fees, insurance.

Drivers Licences

Police clearance required for many non-professional jobs.

Bonds for telephone, utility companies

Mobile Phone, Broadband connection, Pay TV (broadcast TV is free)

School uniforms and school fees

1 month ago

Saudi Arabia Work Visa; Business Visas to Visit KSA

This application for a new business visa was a real experience;

I returned to England, completed my paperwork, went to the Embassy and handed it all over for processing;

This is what the conversation was like when I applied for my Saudi Arabian Visa

"You can't give that here," said the guy behind the counter.

"why," I asked..

"We have changed our process, you have to use an agent."

"Why does your website still show the old way of doing things with no mention of this?"

"I don't know, it's not my responsibility"

"Can you give me the name of an agent?"


"Why not?"

"You have to get it from the website"

"can't you just give me a name or print it out for me?"


"why did you change the system?"

"because everyone was coming in the office complaining that we were late giving them visas and they were missing flights, now they complain to the agents not us."

"How long will this take now?"

"I don't know, maybe 10 days" (it was 2 days before)

"Now I will have to rearrange my flight, you are not making things easy for us to come to your country"

"We don't want you shit in our country!" - He actually said this, I am not sure what my reply was, I know I was shouting and demanding to see someone in authority as the security physically carried me out!!

So, my second stay waiting for my third visa took over a month, I had to rearrange all of my appointments again, without being able to give a truly firm date! Not so good for business as you can imagine, my credibility was totally shot!

Finally returned to find that the company still could not get a Saudi Arabian residency visa and that I would be unlikely to be sure of even the second month of my business visa, clients were demanding that I resolve the issue or there would be no business with them! - Eventually I moved company so that I did not have this problem, the next company getting me a residency visa and my Iqama within a few weeks, which is what should happen, but I hear so very many many stories!